Speceriet is located wall-to-wall to restaurant Gastrologik. Eat one, two or more items, whether alone or with colleagues at an after work or for dinner. Raw materials are of equal quality to the restaurant and the goal is the same – exciting flavors in a relaxed atmosphere.

Lunch V. 4

Our choice


Choose one of the lunch dishes with coffee and dessert 196


Carrots, spinach, egg and potato 135 (take out 105)


Potato, leek, croutons and brisket of lamb 135 (take out 105)


Chuck steak, beans, smoked sour cream and kohlrabi 135 (take out 105)


Cake of almonds, plums, vanilla and cherry 65


Here at Speceriet we work mainly with local products and small suppliers, therefore the dishes may change during the evening, new dishes may apply and existing disappear. It gives a vivid menu, and you can be invited to any surprises.
There are no starters or main courses here, instead you do as you want, mix, share, socialize and have a great time! If you are hungry we recommend at least 2-3 small meals. Welcome!

Book a table

In Speceriet we have a few seats available for reservations, You have the table for two hours!
There is also room for a more spontaneous visit
as we always keep seats open for drop-in.

Reservations is only for dinner, if you want to have lunch here with us you are welcome to just stop by.

We close Friday 23rd December and open again for dinner Tuesday 10th January and for lunch Wednesday 11th January!


Artillerigatan 14
11451 Stockholm
08-662 30 60

Opening hours:
18.00 – 22.00

Tue – Wed:
11.30 – 14.00
18.00 – 22.00

Thu – Fri
11.30 – 14.00
17.00 – 22.00

17.00 – 22.00

Carry-out for more than 5 persons for lunch? Please call your order the day before!